Professional All-in-One Digital Label Finishing Press


Professional All-in-One Digital Label Finishing Press

Professional Label Press & Finishing System for Compact Production

  • High print speed up to 12 inches per second (60 ft per minute)
  • Superior print resolution up to 1600 dpi
  • Print width 2″ to 8.8″
  • Optimized footprint 7.58 x 4.75 x 5.0 ft.
  • High-volume label printing press with a complete finishing system

Built on decades of experience, the T4 encompasses the entire labeling production line within a first-class intuitive system.

The T4 is a robust, stand-alone, advanced label printing press that includes a precision laminator and semi-rotary die-cutting feature for complete label production. Less than 7-1/2 feet long, the T4 has a much smaller footprint than comparable systems taking up less space on the production floor.

Moreover, the T4 provides labels with a superior print resolution of up to 1600 dpi and a print width of 2” to 8.8”. In addition, this professional label & finishing press also automatically adjusts for variances in timing and spacing when fed manually. Above all, its impressive print speed of up to 12 inches per second allows users to generate high capacity production and long runs within a short period.



The T4 is one of the most compact and economic finishers in the market providing perfect registration. The TrojanControl touch screen is complete with a job library and has other beneficial features including a cost calculator making it easy to review operating costs. Ink consumption is reduced to an absolute minimum, delivering the markets lowest cost of operations. In addition, users are pleasantly surprised at the quiet operation of a printer of this caliber.

The T4 offers an all-in-one solution press from start to finish. Ideal for stand-alone operation, brand owners and label converters.

“When it comes to manufacturing labels, the T4 is a clear favorite.”

Dantryk, a printing company based in Hurup Thy, provides printing solutions throughout Denmark with the help of their Trojan™ T4.

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